Changing an Undermount Sink – Q & A

Can an undermount sink be changed?

Usually the answer is yes, although the level of difficulty can be quite different.  The main consideration is not to change the cutout which now exists.  Different manufacturers design their own sinks with their own cut-out specifications.  If you are changing the make and model of a sink, you have to make sure you are not going to have to call in the granite guys to bail you out.  Overall size, reveal of polished sink edges, and corner radii all become critical to a good looking finished product.  Now the fun part…installing your new sink.  The cabinet may have to be temporarily disassembled, clamps from the old sink will have to be removed (usually very hard to get to), the faucet will have to come out, the old silicone scraped off, and lastly, the drain will have to be reworked.