Selecting a Toilet – Q & A

How do I select a toilet?

First you have to measure the rough-in distance from the wall behind the bowl to the center of the bolts or bolt covers.  The standard distance is 12”.  Occasionally you will find bowls which rough-in at 10” or 14”.

Don’t buy on price alone, look for comparison charts on flushing performance.  Big box stores list classes of performance on their displays.  White fixtures are always less expensive.  The flushing technology has improved tremendously in the last several years.  The style you choose is a matter of personal taste.

Toilets are manufactured as one piece or two piece.  Just a note, one piece is a little easier to clean, although it is usually more expensive than a two piece.  The elongated comfort height is a very popular choice.  We advise that you try sitting on several before purchasing.  Lastly, look for a slow closing seat.  The prices have come way down for this convenient option.  Toilet seats are sold separately.